Executive Business Services


Being an owner operator of a multi-million dollar organization with operations in both Canada & the US, I needed expertise in a number of different areas to take us to the next level. Tony became my trusted advisor and was able to provide value added services right from day one. He was knowledgeable in almost every aspect of my business, providing expertise in business planning, budgeting & financials, HR, contracts, processes & much more. More importantly, by bringing a creative & fresh perspective in areas such as pricing new bids, job costing, labour rates & utilization and HR performance management, he brought a new level and style of thinking that helped to bring a different understanding in managing the business with lasting effects. I would highly recommend Tony to any business owner or senior management team. I appreciated Tony’s flexibility and adaptability to our changing demands and needs.

Jim Christian, President, Cornerstone Building & Property Services Inc. 


Tony was a key member of the team when I worked for Hewlett-Packard (HP) as an Account Executive. Tony was instrumental in the success of the accounts and HP. Tony oversaw the financials for the account and assisted in sales pursuits by analyzing operational costs and helping construct financial models that met the financial metrics for both HP and the clients. Tony was also involved in the daily contract management activities. Tony worked with the various internal delivery teams, outside vendors and customers to ensure SLAs were met, ARC’s /RRC’s were tracked and billed appropriately and he also addressed any concerns or questions from the various parties.

Tony’s wealth of knowledge, experiences and business acumen along with a strong work ethic contributed to his success. However, his integrity, sincerity and leadership are what make him a good leader and someone that you know will get the job done. It was a pleasure working with Tony and I would look forward to the day when we could again work together.

Mike Seymour, Account Executive, Hewlett-Packard


Tony worked with me to compose and strategize a severance negotiation with my former company. He helped me review my package and advised me step-by-step on the best way to correspond with my former employer.  He has a brilliant mind, legalistic and has great attention to detail . . . all of which are key ingredients to these types of negotiations.  I strongly recommend him if anyone would like to seek advice for any negotiations!

Bong Barredo, MBA, PMP