Executive Business Services

Brand Statement

Anthony Karasmanis

Driving Business & Financial Results Through:

  • Strategic visioning, business and financial management & forecasting:
    • Executive management as required on a consulting, interim or project basis
    • Identification, analysis and documentation of goals and action plans which are key to driving and achieving success
  • Succession Planning
    • Assist with scoping and planning exit strategies to unlock value in the business
    • Identification of implications throughout process including post transaction issues
    • Implementation of action plans and follow through
  • Increase share of wallet through revenue growth strategies focused on:
    • Customer relationship & satisfaction priorities
    • Growth of existing customer base and new customers through assessment of offerings, contracts, markets, industries, targeted clients, etc.
    • Pricing strategies that generate increased sales, market penetration and/or competitive takeouts
  • Increase profitability through cost optimization & business process re-engineering:
    • Cashflow & A/R-A/P management
    • Operational & internal processes/efficiencies
    • Supply chain
    • Lease vs. buy decisions
  • Risk analysis & mitigation strategies
  • Contract review & management
  • Increase employee engagement through full cycle talent management including:
    • Incentive programs as well as retention and termination strategies
    • Assessment methodologies
    • Employment contracts
    • Policies & procedures
  • Information Technology Outsourcing & Solutions focused on:
    • Technology innovation & planning
    • Optimization of pricing across metrics & bringing clarity to ARC’s/RRC’s
    • IT contract management
    • Optimizing benchmarking contracts
    • Improvement of business safeguards around security, cloud & storage solutions, backup & disaster recovery

Achieve Results with Minimal Financial Commitment

My unique offering is the ability to take deep learning and broad experiences acquired over the years, applying them to solve current obstacles and exploring new possibilities with uncompromising ethical standards.

This knowledge base has been nurtured through an exceptional business acumen and extensive experience primarily within a fast-paced customer driven environment and an area which has been the primary driver for business success over the past several decades - Information Technology.

Being at the forefront of helping businesses across multiple industries, multiple geographies, and of every size, allows me to be fluent in understanding the issues & gaps, as well as question, analyze, strategize & put in place plans which give you the competitive advantage once they are executed.

Why me? Why Now?

Compound specialized skill sets make me a highly efficient and productive team leader who can work in any capacity to achieve your goals. I also have an extremely competitive personality, a proactive work ethic, a business owner’s perspective and the ability to monetize behaviour.

Contact me now for a fixed project/goal or on an ongoing limited basis, to achieve the success you desire.

Delivering results that matter to our clients

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